Understanding the planning regime in the UK can provide you with a huge advantage in property investing. We work with a group of market leading property planning consultants to help investors realise value through planning permission, a strategy not many property investors are familiar with. Specifically, we support investors with planning in two key ways:

First, we help to source for land sites where there is a potential to gain planning permission for residential or commercial use. With the new focus by the UK Government to ‘build, build, build,’ the opportunity to acquire and sell on land parcels with planning permission has never been more attractive, and often provides a good upside to investors.

Second, we support investors with all the planning support needed to realise the maximum potential and value of their property investments such as stakeholder agreements, appraisals, negotiation to take a property scheme from the drawing board to reality.

We collaborate with lawyers, architects, ecologists, transport and other technical consultants, to provide you with dedicated support and representation throughout the planning process.

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