Foreign Investors

Are you a non-resident individual or company looking to invest in the UK?

For the past 10 years, FPI has been working closely to support foreign investors in achieving their property investment objectives. We currently have partner offices and associates across 10 global markets (Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Switzerland, and the United Arab Emirates).

Over this period, we have also established strong and extensive links with industry professionals including solicitors, surveyors, financial institutions, tax advisors, architects, builders, planning consultants, and agents who are able to advice on issues relating specifically to foreign investors. These relationships enable us to act swiftly and decisively, so that we can capitalize on the opportunities when they arise.

We understand the unique challenges faced by foreign investors and are well-positioned to support you. If you are a foreign investor looking to invest in the UK, please register your interest below and we will be happy to discuss how we can support you to make this a smooth and financial rewarding experience.

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