Our Team

Lesley Harrison


Lesley brings with her over 40 years of experience as an entrepreneur, property developer and corporate leader in various multinational companies. She serves as the Chairman and Advisor for FPI, advising the company and clients on strategic projects.

Leonard Wheatley

Board Director

Leonard has over 25 years of experience within the property business, centered on prime London residential and commercial property. He previously owned and ran a multi-million-dollar printing business.

Daisy Uddin

Chief Executive Officer

Daisy has over 20 years of experience in wealth management and property investment in the UK. She also has a flair for design and is behind many of FPI’s refurbished assets.

Eunus Ali

Chief Operating Officer

Eunus has over 20 years of experience in property investment, development and management and has overseen 300+ projects across the UK. He is an expert in property value-added strategies.

Nadim Kapadia

Partner and Head of Investment

Nadim previously served as a diplomat and economic policy officer for the Singapore Government, advising senior officials and government leaders on a range of economic and geopolitical issues with far-reaching impact. He also has a broad range of experience within real estate investment in Asia through work within a family office. He is currently pursuing his MBA at London Business School, with a specialisation in finance.

Jackie Clark

Head of Finance

Jackie has over 22 years of project management and significant experience in the construction and financial services industry, which included work in some of the leading financial service providers such as Barclays.

Simon Rank

Head of Project Management

Simon has over 30 years of experience delivering construction contract projects for clients including BP, Hilton Hotel Group, Pinewoods studios. Some of his past projects include UK listed land development and special property projects. Simon has also worked as a Quantity Surveyor previously.

Ozhun Beleli

Wealth Management Partner (Switzerland)

Ozhun brings with him with over 25 years of corporate banking and wealth management experience, including previous experience with Yapi Kredi Bank, Arab Turkish Bank, HSBC and Lloyds. Since 2011, he has managed his own asset management business based in Geneva supporting a range of HNW and UNHW investors. He also holds various board and advisory positions in companies active in corporate banking and debt finance, clean energy and real estate.

Taylan Karamanli

Wealth Management Partner (Russia & Central Asia)

Taylan has extensive experience in large-scale project finance and the renewable energy sector, with a focus in Europe and Asia. He is currently working on a $1.2 billion renewable development project. He has a strong network of UHNW clients and has been playing an active role in matching them with large-scale projects in the UK.

Shamil Droubi

Wealth Partner (MENA Region)

Shamil Droubi brings with him over 23 years of experience in investment management, having worked with a number of Royal families in the GCC and various family offices to source and build property investment portfolios. He also has had a successful career in sales and marketing, holding senior positions within large hotel groups such as Movenpick, Shangri-La and Banyan Tree. He is currently between several offices in the GCC and UK.

Farzeen YP

Partner ( MENA and South Asian regions )

Farzeen is an experienced business leader and investment manager with over 20 years of experience across various projects such as finance, real estate, and private wealth management. He has worked with royal families, Government institutions, family offices and high-net-worth investors to provide customised investment and business solutions.

Basem Al Markh

Wealth and Legal Partner (Bahrain)

Basem is a seasoned lawyer, with expertise across corporate and commercial law, litigation, and arbitration. He is also an astute real estate manager and investor, over the past 15 years is co-founder of Bahrain Global Real Estate to support high-net worth clients in building successful property portfolio, overlooking $250 Million in AUM. He is currently based in Bahrain.

Mohamad Ibrahim

Wealth Partner (Qatar)

Mohamad has extensive experience in the real estate industry, with a focus on the MENA region. Over the past 14 years, he has executed over $700 million in value of real estate acquisitions for investment funds plus private HNW and UHNW clients. He is currently based in Qatar.

Ahmed Karim

Wealth Management Partner (Kuwait)

Ahmed has over 12 years of experience within wealth management, overlooking global investments for wide range of clients. In 2015, Ahmed set-up his own international property consultancy in Kuwait, assisting HNW and UHNW to invest in Middle East and Europe real estate.

Yaseen Binmafouz

Wealth Management Partner (Saudi Arabia)

Yaseen has over 10 years of experience managing a family office, with a focus in real estate investment across the GCC, North Africa and Europe. He also brings with him experience as a successful businessman in the trade of food and commodities.

Wealth Management Partner (UAE)

Rasheed has over 17 years of experience working and assisting HNW and UHNW clients on real estate investment deals, with a focus on the GCC. He also has experience working in London, and supporting investments from the Middle East to the UK.

Prashant Ramchandani

Wealth Management Partner (Asia)

Prashant is a seasoned sales and marketing professional. He has extensive experience in big pharma in key account management, strategic partnerships and new product launches. He also held leadership positions in the military intelligence branch in the army. Prashant has extensive experience working within a family real estate office in Asia. He is currently based in Singapore.

Laura Lui

Wealth Partner (Hong Kong)

Laura is a skilled investment manager with over 16 years of experience across real estate, capital markets, structured products and hedge funds from investment banks and asset managers, working primarily with high-net worth, family offices and institutional investors. She is a graduate of University of Toronto, HKUST and NYU, and is currently based in Hong Kong.

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